Weight Loss Tips After Getting Hitched

Congratulations as you have crossed the wedding finish line and now it is a whole new beginning for you. It is a different feeling after getting married as you begin to enjoy the comfortable security. This is also inclusive of countless meals, drinks, and dances.

But many married couples would also vouch that weight gain also accompanies along with all this fun and enjoyment. You need to enjoy your married life but at the same time avoid health complications, resulting in excessive weight gain. Below mentioned are some weight loss tips after marriage:

Avoid Getting Too Comfortable:

You have worked hard to get your body in shape and look great for your wedding day. But now with all the mindless snacking has led to causing weight gain. Limit your cuddle time and fill it up with some sports activity which you two can do together.

Weight Loss And Fitness Should Be A Partnership Activity:

Set targets together and make the weight loss activity fun. Many time there can be disagreements between couples. So ensure to be clear with regards to your goals upfront to avoid any sort of miscommunication in future.


Motivate And Support Each Other:

It is a much easier task to get rid of excess weight when you feel supported by your partner. Motivate and encourage each other to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Keep reminding each other how important your relationship is and compliment on every pound lost.

Stop Criticizing:

Every marriage faces disagreements but there is a huge difference when it comes to constructive criticism and criticizing. To be very specific, when it comes to weight loss. Learn to gently nudge your partner if you feel he is being lazy but does not keep criticizing negativity by using body shaming comments.

stop criticizing

Eat Homemade Foods More Often:

When you are loaded with responsibilities, you tend to get stressed and succumbs to the pressure of emotional binging.  Also with strenuous time schedules, you may not find time to cook. But the best remedy for weight loss is to stick to homemade food at all times.

Find Activities To Do Together:

This is an easy way to bond and also help you stay fit and slim. Both of you are different and may have different goals. But you can pick one activity which both might comply on and stick by it. You may workout alone, but when you exercise together it is always fun.

Look Out For Happy Mediums With Diets:

Couples may not necessarily have the same kind of appetite. In most cases, men usually eat more while women tend to eat less. This leads to mirroring whereby you eat the same meals and also the same amounts together. This is a vital cause which leads to weight gain.  By watching portions can help you solve this problem.

watch what you eat

Learn To Focus More On The Health Aspect:

Weight loss helps you look good but the bigger picture is the health benefits you derive after shedding excess fat. Moreover, by staying slim and fit you have better chances to conceive and start a family.

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