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Ways To Lose Weight And Get Cut After The Holidays

The worst feeling is the guilt of overeating that you face during the holidays? Below mentioned are 10 top ways to beat this excessive weight gain and get your ripped physique back:

Drink plenty of water:

In many cases, people tend to mistake thirst for hunger. So the next time you feel like munching on something, the best idea is to reach out for water first. Drinking water also keeps you healthy and full. Some medical experts suggest sipping on water prior to your meals. You should continue to drink water as it adds volume and weight to your meal.


Set goals that are real:

You can lose up to one or two pounds a week. There are various weight loss programs that advocate stopping after the first 10 pounds loss. They, further, advise maintaining that loss for about six months before you try to lose more weight.

Divide your meals:

If you splurge on eating whatever you want during meals, it will not help to subvert your weight loss goals. This will, in fact, give you a feeling of being deprived.

Count before you eat:

As per studies, the average craving last for 10 minutes. So when you crave into eating, give yourself a mental time for about 10 minutes. Use this time to divert your mind and get busy with a task on your to-do list. The work you take on hand should give you a sense of accomplishment so that your mind feels satisfied.

Eat at regular intervals:

Light and frequent meals help to curb your hunger pangs. This also helps to boost your energy levels and enhance your moods. It speeds your metabolism which promotes a healthy way to lose weight.


Start making weekly goals:

It is advised not to overhaul your diet overnight. These sudden changes have the chances of leading you to frustration which can make you quit your weight loss goals. Instead begin with one change at a time, for example, eating a fruit daily as a part of your diet.

Begin with a 10% goal:

Those who focus on achieving 10% of their weight loss goals may have the best chances of ultimate success. By losing the first 5 pounds yields you get the best health gains. As this targets the belly fat which is the most dangerous to overall health.

Avoid excessive Alcohol:

Alcohol is the cause of maximum calories. Consuming a 12 ounce of beer has over 150 calories and wine contains 85 calories. A glass of margarita is punched with a bigger calorie count. However, the worst offenders are creamy cocktails such as alexanders and brandy. This is equivalent to consuming a rich creamy dessert. The final verdict is that if you are serious about losing weight, avoid alcohol and drink water instead.

Use Salsa:

Salsa brings about a spicy condiment to your meals and is a better option than choosing to use mayo. Mix salsa with a little low-fat yogurt to make yourself a tuna salad. You may also spread it on a burger or server it with chicken.

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